Keeping the House Clean During Summer


Whilst it’s no secret that we welcome the warmer weather with open arms, summer brings along with it a lot of issues when it comes to cleanliness. Not only do you find the kids creating several puddles inside as they run in and out completely soaked in water from the paddling pool, you have to constantly fight to keep the grill clean due to the unhealthy amount of barbeque you will end up hosting. Thankfully, the team here at The Home and Garden have got a few tips for you when it comes to keeping the house clean during summer…

  • Stainless steel is difficult to keep clean which can be unsightly when you have guests around during summer. Simply using half a lemon over the top of fixtures can make all the difference. Just wipe them down afterwards with a microfibre cloth and enjoy your new shiny appliances!


  • High humidity means that you may discover your washing machine starts to smell during summer due to the growth of mildew or mould. Don’t let this ruin your summer! Run an empty washing load with detergent and hot water and after it has finished, leave the door open slightly so the machine is able to dry properly and the air is able to circulate effectively.

Have you got any mind-blowing tips for battling the summer dust in 2017? Let us know! The team here at The Home and Garden love speaking to our readers. Make sure to check back for our next blog too!

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