Recycling & Upcycling for Summer!


If your outdoor space is looking a bit worse for wear or you think there’s no way you can entertain out there because you hardly have space for folk to sit down, or that the whole garden actually looks a bit drab, don’t just give up on it. There are plenty of ways you can spruce up your garden on the cheap, and with minimal fuss too. Some of the ideas we’re about to tell you will most likely cost you nothing! For example, tin cans? Wash them out, carefully drill or use a metal punch to make holes in the sides and place a tea light in. Hey presto, a gorgeous and unique light for sitting outdoors in the evenings, plus the little holes you mad with cast a lovely pattern on the walls around you. See? Free!

Wooden pallets stacked up or lay around, or taking up room in the garage? You’ll have some emulsion somewhere; drag it out from the back of the shed and give those wooden pallets a new lease of life, and then… Once they’re dry, bring out some of your cushions and hey presto, you’ve got low benches for everyone to sit on. You could even put a little fire bowl in the centre and position the pallets around it, to talk around, keep warm with, or even for toasting marshmallows on! Putting smaller pallets in the middle too with tea lights in jars looks cute and super pretty, and again, minimal or even no cost.

Recycle old tea cups by using them to plant herbs in; they look kitsch and vintage, and will give your garden an Alice in Wonderland/Secret Garden theme, plus no doubt guests will comment on them, and you’ve got a great conversation starter. You can plant herbs and small plants in just about anything; jars, bottles, tubs, boxes, even old boots! Choose small plants if you wish, but herbs tend to work well as they usually adapt to their environment and won’t grow as big as the bottle, i.e. they will remain in the space they are planted in. If you use teacups, try to find a little saucer to place it on for extra kitsch-ness!

You can use pretty much anything if we’re honest with you, we’ve even seen bike wheels used as trellis! It looked pretty cool, actually. Tires can be used as planters, and because they’re heavy and durable you can plant quite dramatic and big flowers in them. Broken crockery can be used to make mosaic patterns on wall areas or to spruce up existing planters or garden furniture. Just be sure to sand rough and sharp edges away! Birdcages too make gorgeous planters!

Just be free, see what you have and try stuff out. If it doesn’t look that great, take it down or recycle it again another way. It’s your garden after all, so it should reflect you as a person or your family!

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