The students guide living independently


The time has come; you’ve passed your A levels, you’re heading to university and the long awaited loans are set to enter your bank anytime soon. It’s time to say goodbye to the parental set curfews and hello to the beginning of the student life. No, we aren’t talking about the parties, boozing and nocturnal nights; we’re referring to the inevitable ready meal diet, accidentally turning your whites into a bright shade of pink and the endless amount of work.

To help you survive the change, we’ve put together a go-to-guide to help you get through university without your parents there to cook, clean and keep you on top of your workload…

Learn to cook

It’s understandable that students aren’t the richest of people; once you’ve paid your accommodation, your commuting fees and filled up the fridge, you’re lucky if you manage to save anything. Even then, the food in the fridge doesn’t have much nutritional value.

With some practice, you’ll master cooking meals like a MasterChef Pro in no time and a spaghetti bolognese costing less than a pound per portion will be your winning dish. Sure, it’s time consuming and you’ll experience woes however you will soon reap the benefits whilst learning a valuable skill in the process.

Now not later

See those plates in the sink? What about the washing in the basket or the rubbish on the floor? The second biggest lie ever told after ‘I have read and agree to the terms and conditions’ is telling yourself you will do something later. If you have a spare 20 minutes handy; get the chore done. You will thank yourself and your roommates will be eternally grateful that you pull your weight.


Speaking of roommates, things can get pretty hectic living with multiple people, especially if everyone neglects their responsibilities. The best way around this is a strict rota. Though everyone’s schedules won’t fall exactly into place, it is a simple enough solution to ensure chores don’t become a burden on one person’s shoulders or likewise, become severely neglected by everyone. Similarly, study rotas are also helpful to make sure you don’t fall behind in lectures.

Now you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to get out the felt tip pens, work on those schedules and smash those degrees. We believe in you!

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