There’s nothing worse than entering someone’s home and straight away you can tell they have pets. The smell can be really awful especially if you don’t have pets yourself. Or being able to smell that the bin needs taking out… It’s rude to say someone’s house doesn’t smell great, but you can make sure your home is fresh and fragrant all year round so that you don’t have the same worry when people pop round, unexpectedly or otherwise.

For a hallway, when you open the front door to greet people, something welcoming like vanilla or marshmallow, or even fresh cotton is great. Something friendly, warm and familiar invites people in and that’s what you want when you have guests. You could deliver these scents using a wax melt burner for larger hallways and entrances as the scent is quite obvious with these, or for a more delicate scent you can use a reed diffuser. Both look really pretty and are cheap enough to purchase in most supermarkets and home stores.

Kitchens are a bit tricky. You cook food in there, prepare food, store food… You don’t want overpowering smells mingling in with your fruit and veg. When you cook a meal you want to be able to smell it, the spice, the herbs, and the flavours; there’s nothing better than the smell of cooking at tea time! It’s a good idea to use a wax or oil burner for the kitchen so that the scent isn’t in the air all the time, and when you do burn a scent, light ones are best. Scents like cucumber, pomegranate and freesia are all fine as they don’t take over the room.

The bathroom is a fun one. You can burn pretty much anything in there, citrus in particular. Lime or ginger is a great bathroom scent. The same goes for your lounge. You relax in your bathroom and living room, so whatever scent you fancy you can burn in there. Rose, bubble gum, green tea, cinnamon, blackcurrant, anything you like. It’s up to you. Just make sure that you use unscented tea lights when burning scents if that’s the method you choose to use. Tea lights are cheap and can be picked up in home stores in bulk for about two pounds, so always have some in. They look pretty too.

Wax melts, oils and scented candles are great, but we’ve seen these plug ins and battery powered room sprays. Personally we feel they’re unnatural and the scents aren’t that authentic but if they work for your home then go ahead and purchase some. Whatever you choose, please take care around the home especially with candles and hot oils. Keep pets and children away from them, and take care where you place them; billowing curtains and candles are a big no no!

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