In the winter, you hardly use your garden. It’s too cold and too wet, and it’s definitely not the time for sitting outdoors with a cold drink.  You need to make sure that footfall on your grass in the winter is kept to a minimum as the roots will be fragile and frozen, especially after heavy snow. You shouldn’t try to mow either during winter, as the grass will naturally stop growing, but one thing you should increase is the clearing of leaves and debris like twigs that may have fallen from surrounding trees. If you don’t, the grass will suffocate and the leaves will rot too from all the rain and layering. If there are large puddles after heavy rainfall, this probably means that the earth is compacted and could benefit from aeration when it gets warmer. Also watch for turf lifting, especially on new lawns. A going over with a heavy roller will do the trick and get it flat again.

Controlling moss is important too, with moss killer and the tackling of shady areas and fallen branches. Give your lawn a boost with feed in preparation for the frost – but be careful you choose one for winter and not spring. Make sure too that you lift all your tender species growing before the frost hits. You can then start to take stock, look around and see what you have to work with. Lay new borders with bricks to protect plants and shrubs, and have a look at all your garden equipment. Anything old and rusty needs replacing.

Then just hold tight and ride it out! Winter doesn’t last forever, and soon enough you’ll be back outdoors enjoying the greenery. In the meantime, why not research new flowers or things to grow? A little forward planning never hurt anyone…

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