When it’s grim outside and the wind is whipping up a frenzy you want to stay wrapped up indoors. Maybe light some candles, put a film on, snuggle up under a blanket and keep toasty. It’s lovely listening to the rain on the windows, isn’t it? Sometimes though you might feel a little glum when it’s so dark outside early. The best way you can combat this is to take charge of your home and make the best of the elements outside; make your home ready with a few easy tips to turn the cold snaps on their head and make your home wintery and cosy at the same time.

Focus on the fireplace if you have one. If you don’t, try putting lots of candles in a cluster on the coffee table. Turn the sofas inwards so they face the warmth and light to make it seem cosier and less draughty. Chuck pillows and cushions on the couches in abundance, making it easy to sink into a relaxing position ready for a calm evening in. Knitted throws and fleece blankets are a must too. Not only are they gorgeously warm they look great too folded up or draped over the sofa.

A splash of red or gold, or even an argyle theme looks fab during winter. Cushions, hanging decorations, coasters or candles make it easy to incorporate the theme. If you can afford it a new set of thick lined curtains are fantastic along with a seasonal rug. Bowls of cinnamon scented potpourri or decorative beads with pine cones looks lovely too.

You can purchase dining chair covers and pads to make a wooden chair more comfortable and cosy, and if you can find some lovely knitted ones that would look wonderful in winter. It gets everyone round the table too, rather than wanting to stay curled up on the couches to eat, making sure the family still eats together and talks about their day over dinner.

Your home doesn’t have to suffer during winter. It can be simple to brighten it up and incorporate winter into interior décor of your home. After all, who doesn’t love winter really? Snowball fights, hot chocolate, and of course… Christmas!

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