Stopping Pets From Destroying Your Home


Our pets may be domestic but there’s no doubt that they have some wild instincts deep down. In fact, dealing with puppies and kittens have got to be the most difficult part of owning a pet and they can drive us crazy at certain times however it definitely doesn’t stop us loving them. With some time and effort, we can learn to set some boundaries and put our four legged friends in their place. Here is how to stop your pets from destroying your house…


Animals chew things because it part of their behaviour. It is often found in young animals when they are teething however adult dogs and cats will chew things due to separation anxiety or a vitamin deficiency. In order to prevent it, ensure that your pet is in good health and that they have plenty to do whilst you are out. Until the behaviour grows out of them, make sure all dangerous and toxic items are out of reach.

Answering Natures Call

There are many reasons why animals will do this indoors and sometimes your pets will answer mother nature due to health problems so always make sure that they are healthy before scolding them. They simply may not be able to wait! Remember, shouting and screaming is never the way to address indoor bathroom habits.

Here at The Home and Garden, we like to offer tips and tricks in order to ensure that your life stays as stress free as possible and sometimes our pets mischievous behaviour can be troublesome. With these methods you can be sure that your furry friend will be as relaxed as you and your home in good shape! Want more information? Contact the team today!

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