How To Maximize Space In A Small Bedroom


In most homes, there is always the smaller bedroom, known as the “box room”. Your children will fight against who will be in that room or it can sometimes be turned into an office. If you decide to transform your box room into a bedroom, there are many ways that you can maximize space to make it more comfortable.

Firstly, reducing the size of your bed will dramatically increase the space in your room. As obviously a larger bed is a luxury, you have to question is it an essential. People love having a big bed therefore the decision is either the luxury bed space or consider how much more space you would have when reducing your bed size.

A futon is successful in small bedrooms, as its multi-functional it can be either used as a bed and a sofa therefore it’s different purposes make your room functional and easier for your room to be accessed. Functionality is the most important thing to consider when in a small box room, buying furniture such as a bed which has drawers underneath and a bookshelf above already means there are multiple storage units- perfect for a smaller room setting.

Storage walls are an excellent way to add storage to your room without using any floor space, the perfect way to store your clothes and other items. Mirror on the walls other than large ones that sit on the floor.

Adding an ottoman to the end of your bed is a perfect way to add extra storage to your bed, as well as looking ultra-chic! They are perfect for both seating as well as storage, therefore multi-functional and saves floor space as there are lots of items that you can fit inside them.

If you found this blog useful in ways you can transform your bedroom, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog!

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