Eliminating Dust in the Home


In a busy household it can be tricky to keep on top of the cleaning and sometimes this can lead to a build-up of dust. Whilst this is usually no problem aside from being an eyesore, it can wreak havoc for those with allergies as dust is made up of particles like pollen, dead skin cells and even clothing fibres. In this blog, we’re going to tell you a few ways you can eliminate it once and for all…

  • Changing your bedding every week can make a huge difference and who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh sheet. Dust mites live for dirty pillows and bedding so giving it a wash often can keep them at bay.


  • Your wardrobe is filled with clothing and if you don’t keep this is order you will find that a lot of fibre is spread around. In order to prevent a blast of dust every time you open the doors to your cupboards, ensure that items are stored in bags or boxes especially those summer clothes you’ve stored away!


  • Avoid carpets where possible in the home since they are dust mite magnets. Whilst it isn’t as easy to go carpet free in the UK due to our ever changing weather, you have to remember that they are high maintenance and eliminating dust means hovering every single day. To avoid this stick to hardwood, linoleum or tile.

Here at The Home and Garden we are dedicated to providing you with a range of different tips and tricks to keep everything nice and clean. Eliminating dust can be a gruelling task however if you keep on top of it (or get the whole family to pitch it) it can be much easier! If you have any clever ideas, contact a member of the team and let us know!

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