Is it Possible to Live Trash Free?


When it comes to the environment there are many ways that we can change our habits in order to protect the planet for the future generation. In fact, one of the most popular methods that many people have been adopting for some time is the idea of living trash free. As a difficult feat, the team here at The Home and Gardens want to assess whether it truly is possible to live a decent lifestyle whilst creating little to no rubbish…


This section can be separated into several categories however we will touch upon the basics. For example, instead of getting new plastic bags after shopping you can start to re-use old ones. On the other hand, you can buy recyclable cups instead of purchasing plastic cups.


The supermarket doesn’t offer much when it comes to food since a lot of the items in a store come in packaging that cannot be recycled. In order to live waste free you will need to change your eating habits to some degree. For example, eating more fruit and veg and bringing your own bag to place them into will help reduce plastic waste. In addition to this, you can also re use old packaging in order to give it another use.


As a material that we often take for granted, paper is one of the most easiest items to recycle possible yet not a lot of people do it. In order to ensure you don’t throw away any paper, make sure that it is always recycled. In addition to this you can also email instead of writing things down.

Food Waste

The remains of food is something that is difficult to combat when it comes to living trash free. After all, you can’t possible eat the skins of a banana. On the other hand you can always compost items like vegetables, egg shells, newspaper and tea bags. It is wise however to avoid composting a lot of citrus fruits.

With a lot of time and effort it certainly is possible to live a sustainable life without creating much rubbish. All it takes is a considerable amount of dedication and motivation to make the changes that are required. Plus, many people often end up adopting a much healthy diet and lifestyle too. For more information, contact a member of The Home and Gardens team today!

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