Four Draught-Proofing Tips


Keeping your home nice and warm can be a tricky task when you have a draught that wont seem to quit. The definition states that a draught is a current of cool air that is found within a room or other confined space and not only can they be troublesome, they can eat away at energy levels and make your bills higher than ever. Here are a few ways to draught proof you home…

Check Everywhere

A draught can hide in loads of unexpected places which is why it is vital that you check all over your home to track them all down. Look around the window frames and doors (including the letterbox and keyhole), around the hatches of your attic, around electrical wall fittings, between the floorboards and at the joins where the ceiling and wall meet.

Reduce Ventilation

Generally you do not need to ventilate your home anymore because windows are built with a vent that does it for you so if you find that you need to open your window, especially if you are looking to get rid of excess heat, you should try turning down the heating instead. This will help you save money and avoiding making draughts worse.


Most of the time people find that their windows are letting in a particularly bad draught but luckily there is a solution to fix this bad installation. Using something known as strip insulation is an affordable solution to draughts and you can even get them for specific purposes.

Draught Excluder

If you find that your draughts spread from room to room then you may want to invest in something known as a draught excluder. These are cushioned appliances that are hooked to the bottom of a door to prevent draughts from travelling underneath however they can also be metallic or rubber.

Here at The Home and Gardens we want to make sure that every house can become a home however if you feel that your home is cold no matter how high the heating goes then you may want to look into the possibility of draughts. Luckily, a draught is easy to fix and can often be done without the need for professional help. For more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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