Tips To Deodorise Your Home


Bad smells inside the home can be down to something simple like taking out the trash however more often than not they are the result of items that we didn’t even know required cleaning so much. In order to ensure that your home smells great all year round, the team here at The Home and Gardens have decided to go over some of the top tips that can help you deodorise your home…

Keep on Top of Pet Hair

Living with a pet often leave you ‘nose-blind’, which is a colloquial word for someone who has become immune to the bad smell that their pet leaves behind. If you have started to notice the smell of dirt or fur then you may be waking up to true smell of your four legged friend. There are many ways to combat it however it is wise to keep on top of cleaning in order to remove as much fur and dirt as possible. If necessary, install a timed air freshener too.

Time for a new Carpet

Many retailers will advertise that carpets can last for decades however the truth is that the wrath of smelly feet can be too much and sometimes it is simply time for a replacement. Unfortunately, many people often overlook the fact that their 15 year old carpet could be the cause of a musky smell in the home. Some carpets can actually be revitalised with baking soda however others may have to be taken to the tip.

Cooking Equipment

Chopping boards can also harbour bad smells overtime, particularly if they are wooden, however because we wash them every time we cook we don’t think they could be the cause of a bad smell. Luckily most chopping boards can be cured by mixing lemon juice and baking soda with a hint of mineral oil.

Here at The Home and Gardens we believe that an odour free home is one step closer to a happy home. After all, nobody wants to live amongst rancid smells that they can’t pinpoint the cause of. To find out more information about deodorising your home, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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