The Benefits of Deep Cleaning a Carpet


The majority of households in the UK have carpet installed. After all, it is soft, comforting and is said to help keep your home warmer during winter. With this said, there comes a time when your carpet looks worse for wear and you have to start weighing up your options. Luckily, The Home and Gardens team are on hand to help save the day! After all, deep cleaning can help rescue a worn-down carpet in no time and save you the expense of a full replacement. Read on to find out a few benefits…


Although they bring a great comfort, carpets are notorious for harbouring allergens like dust and bacteria. In fact, during spring and summer they can even trap pollen particles which means that those with hay fever may never find relief. With this said, having your carpet deep cleaned can catch all of these pesky particles and thus, improve the health of everybody living in the property.


When you have invested a lot of money into your home, it can feel like a huge gamble to consider something like deep cleaning. After all, the steam that comes off the machinery makes people think that the carpet will be subjected to incredibly hot temperatures. Luckily, carpet deep cleaning is incredibly safe and will not cause any harm to the fibres. It simply uses hot (but not boiling) water and forces it into the carpet in order to dislodge debris, dust and even mites that are harbouring in between the fibres.


A dirty carpet can make a bad first impression when you invite a guest round to your home. As a result, the majority of people have their carpet deep cleaned for the aesthetic benefit. After all, the force of the water as it flows into the fibres can actually break down the discolouration in a carpet and leave it looking like brand-new all over again.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we recognise the importance of home cleanliness. After all, it is vital that you regularly vacuum your carpet in order to tackle dust before it builds up. With this said, deep cleaning can help revitalise a worn and discoloured carpet in need of some TLC; one which has suffered for years at the hands of pet fur, drink spillages and dirty shoes. Do you have some top carpet cleaning tips? Get in contact with the team and let us know today!

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