Why Do Mirrors Benefit Your Home?


Welcome back to another blog by The Home and Gardens! In this article, we are going to be discussing all things mirrors…

First up, why are mirrors beneficial for your home?

There are many benefits to adding mirrors in the rooms of your home. Here are just three:

  • They reflect natural light, which prevents the need for artificial lighting throughout the day
  • They create the illusion of a bigger space no matter the size of the room
  • Mirrors make bold and beautiful statements no matter the size or the design of the frame

Here are some of our top ways to style mirrors:

  • Mirror accents i.e., glass or chrome furniture and accessories
  • Create an artistic feature wall with small mirrors
  • Window mirrors are great for allowing that industrial aesthetic to shine through
  • Ornate frames create a regal and Bridgerton-inspired aesthetic
  • Mirror tiling in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Using a mirror with a ‘shadow box’ frame as a shelf
  • Matte black in a bright room will add a bold contrast

2 of our top unique mirror recommendations:

William Wood is a great website for mirrors and furniture for any aesthetic. The bang-on-trend and designer collections are great options for anyone looking to decorate their home to achieve pure luxuriousness.

Kensington – Champagne Ornate Parisian Full-Length Mirror by William Wood

A truly elegant design, the Kensington mirror is one for people looking for an accessory to complement a Regal or Parisian aesthetic. The champagne colour is a stunning addition to the detailed patterned frame. A simply stunning choice to achieve the Bridgerton aesthetic.

Manhattan – Gold Art Deco Rectangular Wall Mirror by William Wood

Inspired by the roaring twenties, this style of mirror has been exquisitely designed to bring that era to life in your home. The Art Deco trend is re-appearing on the scene, and we are so here for it. This mirror brings the ‘Art Deconess’ but with a modern touch. The Manhattan frame has been finished with a glamourous gold colour. This choice of mirror allows you the decision to hang it on the wall or carefully place it on a mantlepiece as a statement feature!

These are just very few of the hundreds of mirrors that the amazing William Wood has to offer to ensure your home is furnished exactly how you envisioned it to be.

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