Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Exterior


If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden or outdoor space, you’ll know the options for furnishing and decorating your exterior are near-limitless. Whether you have a tiny back garden in the city, or several acres of countryside space just for you, there are numerous different installations, furnishings or designs you can employ to vamp up your space. We’ve compiled the top five exterior design choices here, with something suited for outdoor space of all types of sizes!

A Permanent Patio

Plenty of people own patio furniture in this country, every summer we drag it outside and set it up for our guaranteed five days of summer. But if you have enough space outside your property to install a sturdy frame, you could set yourself up a permanent outdoor space suitable all year round! Installing a frame will allow you to cover the area during the more tumultuous weather of Autumn and Winter. Wicker and bamboo are both common materials to use, providing a relaxed feel and providing partial shelter. Combine with a fire pit or barbeque for those late-night parties and summer evenings.

Water features

Water features are a common addition to outdoor space. From centrepiece fountains to rivers running through your garden, and even full-sized swimming pools, there is usually a water feature suitable for your space! Small, plug-in fountains can be utilised on city balconies or small gardens to provide a sense of serenity and a calming noise to drown out the city.

Hanging gardens

Hanging planters are not a new invention, but their applications are expanding all the time. For smaller outdoor spaces, hanging planters are perfect as they do not take up any of your precious floor space! Be careful not to hang them over anywhere you’d like to keep dry though, as it’s easy to forget you’ll be watering on a daily basis!

Return it to Nature

Rewilding is the process of allowing a piece of land to return to its natural state. This involved reintroducing native plants and animals, and letting natural biodiversity take hold. No more boring grass lawns, it’s time to step foot into an untamed jungle.

Install a Moat

Has 2020 got you taking social distancing very seriously? Perhaps you’ve just come to embrace your anti-socialness and are now foster a healthy hatred of humans? Not sure what to do with the obviously haunted mansion left to you by an eccentric, estranged relative? There’s an all-encompassing solution to all of these problems; dig a moat around your property! Keep cold callers and leaflet distributers at bay, all while ensuring the Black Knight stays well away from your grain and livestock!

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