Repairing Your Stone Walls and Brickwork at Home


Do you have some unsightly chips in your home’s exterior walls, or some damage to your driveway brickwork? Don’t fret! Minor surface damage to exterior stone and brickwork around your property can usually be repaired with a simple process using an at-home patching kit. This method is best reserved for small blemishes and those that are away from high visibility areas. Remember, if maintaining the aesthetic of your surface is a high priority, always consult a professional team!

The DIY Process for Repairing Aesthetic Damage to Brick and Stone

Repairing damaged bricks or stone should always be done with care and precision. Ensure you take all necessary safety steps, read through the information provided with the repair kit, and acquire any relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) first. If in doubt about any aspect of the repair, get in touch with a professional instead of continuing to tackle the repair yourself!

If you’re certain that your repair work can be a DIY job, then simply follow these steps for a quick and simple repair every time:

  1. First, the damaged area of the wall needs to be cleaned of dirt and fragments of brick or stone. Ensure you clean out the area thoroughly, remove all dust or dirt, and let it dry afterwards. Dust or moisture around the area will hinder your restoration efforts.
  2. Once your repair site is all clean and fully prepared, it’s time to fill in the gap with the patching solution in order to cover and seal up those cracks or chips! Now give your repair 24 hours to ensure it is fully set and dry.
  3. Once the patching solution has dried completely, you’re all ready to clean up your finish as much as you can! Sand down and wipe off any extra solution and, if necessary, pop a little paint over your repair to colour-match it.

Some minor aesthetic repair jobs for stone and brickwork are easy to tackle at home, but for more significant repair or restoration work it is always vital to consult a professional. Don’t risk ending up with a low-quality finish or further damage to your property by attempting the task yourself, call the Snag Doctor! The expert team at Snag Doctor is fully trained and our equipment is more advanced than what you can access at home. For an impeccable finish every time, get in touch with the best surface repair services Manchester has to offer today.

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