3 Essential Residential Security Measures


Many residential property owners choose to sacrifice their security in favour of style due to the belief that industrial security measures are an unfavourable eyesore. As a result, this leaves a home vulnerable to vandalism and burglary. Luckily, there has been an aesthetical revolution and the team here at The Home and Gardens have decided to go over 3 essential security tools that every domestic homeowner should consider investing in…

Window Grilles

As the most affordable security solution on the market, a window grille is made from high-quality steel, cast iron or aluminium and installed on the exterior of a home in order to prevent criminals from accessing through the window. After all, most burglaries take place by smashing the glass in order to gain unauthorised access to a property. A window grille is an incredibly durable security solution which can be personalised with a range of different styles in order to appeal to the design appeal of a client and this makes them a very beneficial investment.

Roller Shutters

Over the years, the roller shutter has managed to obtain a rather unjust reputation as many people see them as an aesthetical eyesore. Luckily, there are now a variety of different design options available on the market as business owners began to see the benefit of personalising their shop front. In fact, domestic roller shutters offer the same industrial protection with none of the style sacrifice.

Driveway Bollards

Although bollards are typically found in busy city centres in order to control traffic and ensure that pedestrians are protected, many homeowners choose to implement them as a security tool too. After all, there isn’t a law that prohibits other drivers from parking their vehicle on another person’s driveway and this can cause homeowners to feel like their privacy has been invaded. Since bollards are remote controlled, they can ensure that a driveway remains clear for the intended user whilst also reinforcing the importance of residential security.

Contrary to belief, roller shutters and window grilles can now be purchased with residential use in mind which means that homeowners do not have to risk criminal activity in order to ensure that their properties exterior remains aesthetically pleasing. After all, it is impossible to put a price on security and safety. To find out more information about domestic security measures, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

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